Standby RSG Becomes Standby UK



In the high-stakes world of emergency response, every second counts. Precision, reliability, and innovation are not just desirable—they are essential. Standby RSG, renowned for providing advanced control systems and warning equipment for emergency and special vehicles, is embracing a significant transformation. Effective July 1st, Standby RSG will be known as Standby UK.

Founded in 1961 as Riches Street Garage (RSG) Limited, the company began its journey servicing cars and selling petrol from a traditional garage forecourt. Over the years, RSG expanded its expertise to include a diverse range of equipment tailored to the needs of water authorities and emergency services, earning a reputation for reliability and innovation. This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction propelled the company into more specialised sectors.

In September 2020, RSG’s acquisition by Argynniss AB, a Swedish-owned enterprise, marked a new chapter. The integration into the Standby Group led to the rebranding as Standby RSG UK Limited. Leveraging international expertise and resources, the company enhanced its product portfolio while maintaining the exceptional service that has defined its legacy.

The transition to Standby UK aligns the company more closely with the global Standby Group, reinforcing its commitment to innovation, quality, and reliability across all markets. This rebranding signifies more than a name change; it embodies the company’s dedication to advancing its service capabilities and continuous pursuit of excellence.

The synergy within the Standby Group is anticipated to drive greater advancement and operational efficiency, benefiting clients across the UK and beyond. Standby UK extends heartfelt gratitude to its loyal customers and partners for their continued support and trust. The company looks forward to building on its legacy and driving forward with renewed vigour and a clear vision for the future.

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