Europa Telematics System

Detailed journey analysis allows a fleet manager, line manager or accident investigator to view the actions of a driver on a second by second basis

Improve fleet resource management and driver behaviour

Saves Lives, Litigation, Money, Fuel, Time & Administration

Schematic of Europa Vehicle Telematics System for Fleet Resource Management

Europa Data Flow Schematic

Web based option via Standby RSG Server service also available

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Europa Telematics System Angle View with Shadow

Fleet Resource Management Benefits

Reduce operating costs by: 

  • Knowing where your vehicles are and have been
  • Increasing vehicle utilisation and reducing idling time
  • Tailoring maintenance schedules and ‘real’ vehicle usage
  • Reducing vehicle miss-use and incidents
Driver Behaviour Improvements

Achieve these through:  

  • Providing driver feedback via a simple and meaningful score
  • Visual educational workshop training tools – removes ambiguity
  • Direct exception reporting via text or email
  • Change in individual attitude and corporate culture

Whether you are a single user, small, large or multiple fleet operator that require various levels of operational integrity and security Standby RSG has a platform to suit you. To ensure you obtain the best solution for your application RSG offers a free consultation service.  

Web Access or Software as a Service (SAAS)

Key consideration points: 

  • Server is maintained and data is backed up
  • Access from anywhere via web browser
  • Package usually includes airtime
  • Requires no capital outlay
  • Requires internet access to connect to web server
  • Data is not hosted within customers infrastructure
Direct Server Access

Key consideration points: 

  • Customer controls their data
  • Access data using desktop Apps – no need to use web browsers
  • Customer can use their own SIM cards
  • Does not require internet access to view historical data
  • Customer to maintain their own server, storage, database and manage backups
  • Access only from within customers network
  • Requires IT expertise to set-up firewalls etc for data transport from vehicle device to server
Common System Attributes:  

The Europa Telematics System processes data recorded and collected from a vehicle installed device over the mobile phone network or direct connection and Wi-Fi to produce information that can then be utilised to assist with effective Fleet Management and Improving Driver Behaviour. Plus, and unlike many equivalent systems, Europa provides at no extra cost ‘High Resolution’ incident data up to 100Hz resolution as well as standard 1Hz resolution journey data, where the overall solution provides: 

  • High Resolution ‘Impact’ Data (100Hz resolution) – generated and recorded in the event of an impact and ‘always’ transmitted to the server
  • High Resolution ‘Stopping’ Data – generated each time the vehicle comes to a halt, sent to the server if the ‘Incident Button’ is pressed within 2 hours
  • Medium Resolution ‘Journey’ Data – sent to the server at the end of each journey – provides 1Hz historic data
  • Live Tracking Information – sent to the server at 20 second intervals showing location and speed
  • Driver ID (various technologies available) – collected in the vehicle and appended to journey/incident data with ‘driver audio warning‘ if not logged-in
  • Combination of Linear and Angular Acceleration Data – via accelerometers, gyros and magnetometer constantly recorded (not just thresholds) to provide tri axis data including angular velocity
  • Data Integrity – all information is admissible in a UK court of law as date time stamped with software watermark

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