CARAT (CAR Advanced Technology) Switch System for Volvo

The CARAT Switch System is integrated with the vehicle’s infotainment system, which provides a clean and safe driver environment.

  • Discreet overview control of hazard warning equipment
  • A unique solution that is integrated into Volvo’s infotainment system
  • Provides a clean driver environment
  • With a double tap on the home button, you can access the car’s special functions
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Product Overview

CARAT Switch System is a completely unique and long-awaited product that makes it possible to link and operate the vehicle OEM display via a Standby CMP Controller, used to generate a blue light GUI (graphical user interface) while the CSDS (Center Stack Display Switch) device switches the associated video source to the screen, all in conjunction with MCS control units.

The CARAT Switch System is integrated with the vehicle infotainment display, which provides a clean and driver safe GUI, allowing discreet monitoring and control of vehicle and emergency services equipment.

The CSDS alone can also be utilised with other 3rd party solutions so developers will have more independence to apply their own integral GUI with the OEM screen.

Double tapping the dashboard home button switches to the external source view, which means that it is always easily accessible. The external source that generates the GUI is interfaced via HDMI.

The CARAT switch system was developed in conjunction with Volvo’s SPA platform and fits most 60 and 90 series from 2019, the new 40 series as well as Polestar.

Application Options

Application 1: A Standby RSG exclusive offering to combine and control Blue Lights, Siren and LED Matrix Display via the CMP and CSDS – an ideal solution for both marked and unmarked vehicles.

Application 2: To meet 3rd party applications the CSDS alone can be utilised to link 3rd party GUI and equipment to the vehicle OEM screen such as ANPR system interfacing where the Standby Group will endeavour to provide technical support to assist in 3rd party applications via the CSDS.

Future Development

With continued development the system will be expanded to interface with other 3rd party equipment/systems and more sophisticated equipment such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems and radio communication. Where to avoid operational ambiguity, each distinct application would have its own ‘easy access’ and unique ‘operational screen’ and if appropriate Sub Menu sets.

Volvo Cars Ready-Made Solution

The pre-configured CMP and CSDS link with a MCS device to control blue lights and sirens. Although optimised for use with Standby RSG equipment, the system can also be used with 3rd party options.

A typical kit of equipment comprises:

  • CSDS device
  • CMP Controller (Car Advanced Technology) unit to manage blue light control
  • CAN Bridge interface devices
  • MCS Control Unit (to suit application)
  • Hand held microphone with PTT (Push To Talk)
  • 100 Watt siren loud speaker
  • Uno backup switch (in case of screen lock-up/failure)
  • Extra physical handset

CARAT Setup showing MCS-32 Control Unit, MCS-CAN-Bridge Devices, Center Stack Display Switch and CMP Device

Typical Volvo Cars Connection Schematic

CARAT Volvo Schematic

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