Next Generation Dash Cam Solutions

Compatible with AutoEye Xpert & FleetMotus Systems

Professional Dash Cam Solutions with optional AI functionality

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  • 1080P high resolution video capture for crisp clear images
  • H264 encoding for wide ranging support on legacy PC’s, and H265 encoding for increased image quality and reduced storage requirements
  • Dual SD card storage slots, configurable in series (for extended storage) or parallel (for mirrored backup)
  • Built-in 4G cellular and WiFi for live streaming and remote access downloads
  • Built-in GPS for speed, route, location
  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometers with up to 100Hz sampling for precise analysis of G-force shock and accident events, and programmable alarm thresholds for harsh braking, cornering and acceleration
  • 4 latched inputs for logging 3rd-party switched devices such as lightbars etc
  • Optional CAN interface for detailed engine and vehicle data and driving style analysis
  • Easy permanent installation via OBD port
  • Compact, unobtrusive package with status LED’s and built-in forward camera
  • 8-35 volts DC power for 12v or 24v vehicles
Extra Camera Inputs and AI Capabilities

In addition to the common features mentioned above, each model within the range offers a specific set of extra camera inputs and AI capabilities.


  • Second video input for external AHD 1080P camera


  • Three 1080P video channels; two built-in (forward and internal) and a third external IP channel
  • ADAS for lane departure warnings, headway, and forward collision warnings
  • Driver status monitoring with optional IP camera
  • Optional internal status display for audio-visual driver alerts


  • Four video channels, two built-in (forward and internal) with 1920 UHD forward and 1080P internal, and two external video channels (AHD and IP) for 1080P recording
  • ADAS for lane departure warnings, headway, and forward collision warnings
  • Driver status monitoring with optional IP camera
  • Optional internal status display for audio-visual driver alerts

Advanced driver-assistance system available on selected models for lane departure warnings, headway, and forward collision warnings.

Driver Status Monitoring
  • Mobile Phone Warning: This feature identifies instances of mobile phone usage while driving. By discouraging phone usage, it helps drivers maintain their focus on the road, reducing the likelihood of accidents caused by diverted attention.
  • Seat Belt Warning: The seat belt warning feature promotes adherence to seat belt usage, a fundamental safety measure. It notifies drivers if they or their passengers aren’t properly buckled up, encouraging compliance with seat belt regulations, and minimising the severity of injuries in case of a collision.
  • Smoking Warning: By detecting instances of smoking within the vehicle, this feature encourages a smoke-free driving environment. It helps maintain air quality and reduces the potential fire hazard associated with smoking, thus enhancing safety for both the driver and the vehicle.
  • Distraction Detection: This feature identifies behaviours that might indicate driver distraction, such as turning around and reaching for items or engaging in other non-driving activities. By alerting the driver to these distractions, it encourages them to prioritise driving tasks and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Yawn Detection: Yawning can be a sign of driver fatigue, which significantly impairs driving abilities. The yawn detection feature recognises yawning patterns and detects when signs of fatigue are observed. This feature encourages the driver to take necessary breaks and avoid driving when overly tired, ultimately preventing accidents due to drowsy driving.
Footage Retrieval

Footage retrieval is possible via PC / Cloud Service or by using the Veyes app on android or iOS.

AutoEye Xpert Pro and FleetMotus Compatibility

This new range is fully compatible with the popular AutoEye Xpert cloud services for live streaming over cellular, WiFi downloads, and support for apps on Windows, iOS and Android.
Full compatibility with Standby RSG’s existing M and X Series modular DVR systems makes it possible to mix

and match the full vehicle CCTV range across a fleet whilst maintaining the familiarity of the standard AutoEye Xpert cloud and application interfaces. This allows existing customers to easily expand their fleet with dedicated professional dash cam solutions.
The devices also interface with the Fleetmotus fleet management system for a true hybrid video-telematics experience.

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