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About FleetMotus

FleetMotus, developed by Standby RSG, offers a comprehensive selection of vehicle tracking devices. These devices efficiently monitor and oversee driver information, whether it’s for a single vehicle or an entire fleet, through a locally hosted or web-based server. Enjoy real-time vehicle tracking with updates every 20 seconds, complemented by convenient SMS and/or email alerts.

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Benefits of FleetMotus

  • Reduced fuel usage
  • Reduced vehicle wear and tear
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced accidents
  • Reduced legal costs
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Improved driver behaviour
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Real-time data

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Advanced Features

The FleetMotus system offers a comprehensive set of features and services, including Vehicle Utilisation, Driver Behaviour, and overall Fleet Management. These tools provide you with the means to effectively monitor your fleet, optimise its deployment, and minimise vehicle accidents and misuse. By implementing regular and automated monitoring, you can start saving money right away. Studies have shown significant cost reductions, such as a 25% decrease in accidents and a 20% saving in fuel costs alone.

Resource Tracking

Enhance incident management efficiency by showcasing real-time vehicle locations on a map. Gain complete control through a live view of your entire vehicle fleet, enabling optimal dispatching of the most suitable vehicle for each task and seamless tracking of specific vehicles as needed. Instantly access alerts and notifications within the application.

Historic Data

To investigate or gather evidence of specific activities being performed, you can conveniently access and review the journey and activity details of vehicles or drivers. This allows you to ensure that areas are sufficiently patrolled, key points of interest (POIs) are visited at the right time, and emergency equipment is used appropriately and effectively. Moreover, this functionality also enables you to replay the recorded journeys for a comprehensive analysis.

Extensive Reporting

FleetMotus provides reports for the most common business requirements, allowing you to analyse and enhance your business or fleet. Using the FleetMotus Reporting framework, you have the flexibility to create additional reports using any data available on the platform. These reports can be conveniently accessed through your web browser or scheduled to be sent via email. Furthermore, Standby RSG offers the ability to customize reports according to your specific requirements, ensuring all your needs are met.

Driver ID

Ensure that vehicles are only operated by authorized drivers and the appropriate driver level by accurately identifying the individuals behind the wheel. FleetMotus can gather identification information from various standard units like HID, I-Button, and more. Additionally, custom Driver ID systems can be seamlessly integrated upon request.

Driver Behaviour Management

The Driver Behaviour plugin assesses harsh driving, speeding, and idling to generate a “behaviour” score for each vehicle and driver. By minimizing the environmental impact of your vehicle fleet, you can reduce wear and save money while ensuring your drivers adhere to your high driving standards, thereby improving road safety. Depending on the system, drivers can receive immediate in-vehicle feedback on their performance and also receive a summary report providing insights into their driving behavior during a specific time period.

Vehicle Management Information

Easily monitor vehicle information, including fuel usage and odometer readings, with a simple touch of a button. The system enables seamless import or export of maintenance schedules and synchronisation with platforms like Tranman. The Maintenance plugin efficiently tracks service due dates for your vehicles, providing an overview of their maintenance status and sending notifications when vehicles surpass service intervals.

Dispatch via FMI (Sat Nav)

The dispatch plugin simplifies job creation for workers and facilitates the efficient assignment of the nearest available vehicle to carry out the task.

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