Leading the way in road safety

We offer the most innovative warning equipment for emergency and special vehicles. Whether you are looking for an off-the shelf or bespoke product for your fleet, we have the right solution for your needs!

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The right software for your vehicles

The core of our business consists of both hardware and software solutions, which brings us a competitive advantage within our industry.

Enjoy the freedom to customise your solution and have control over your data.

Advanced automotive software, built for your specific needs with telematics for easy data transmission is added value we can bring to you. We ensure the software works effectively first time and that system updates or new releases are rolled out correctly.


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Innovative solutions for commercial and emergency vehicles

Standby Group offers innovative alarm and warning solutions and products to meet the needs of drivers of commercial and emergency vehicles.


We are committed to being the technical experts in our field and ensure the highest level of innovation and quality in our products and services!

Highly Skilled

Our people are our biggest asset! Our success is the result of their unrivalled knowledge and continued hard efforts to elevate us above the rest!


Service Focused

One of our main principles is our commitment to providing consistently excellent customer service matched by consistently excellent products!


Our proud contribution to a safer world! Happy customers and the large amounts of Standby equipped vehicles on the road are a testament to our reliability!