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Code of conduct

This code of conduct has been produced in order to clarify which principles apply for the company’s employees, business partners and other stakeholders.

Scope and application

Our Code of Conduct covers all employees within Standby Group and its Board members. Standby Group actively chooses business partners, which stand for our same values and principles. This is a resume of the full code of conduct adopted by Standby Group.

Business principles

  • We work in accordance with the laws and regulations in force where we operate. In the event of any conflict between mandatory rules of law and the principles in our code of conduct, the law takes precedence.
  • Good business practice and honesty shall be the watchwords in relationships with our business partners.
  • We do not accept bribes or other payments that can affect decisions, or extortion of any form, whether as donor/initiator or as recipient.
  • We shall conduct our private and other external activities and financial interests in a way that is not in conflict with or appears to be incompatible with Standby Group’s interests. If such a conflict of interests arises, the person involved in the conflict must report this immediately to his/her immediate supervisor.
  • We maintain political and religious neutrality.
  • We respect applicable competition legislation.

Human rights and a good work environment

  • We support and respect internationally acknowledged human rights.
  • No forms of slave labour forced labour or child labour are tolerated.
  • We hire and treat our employees in a non-discriminatory way.
  • The minimum age for employment is after completion of compulsory education or in accordance with national legislation.
  • We shall observe national legislation and collective bargaining about working hours.
  • We shall respect the rights of employees to leisure time and their accessibility outside working hours in order to improve the work/life balance.
  • All of our employees have the right to join associations and organisations, as well as the right to organise themselves in trade union associations.
  • Our employees must have a safe and healthy work environment.

Environmental principles

  • We strive continuously to reduce our environmental impact through active choices of raw materials, processes and transport activities.
  • We shall contribute to sustainable development in the local community.
  • We support the precautionary principle by avoiding materials and methods that represent risks to health and the environment when suitable alternatives are available.

Employee responsibility

Everyone within Standby Group has a responsibility for communicating and living up to the contents of the code of conduct. We encourage employees to report behaviour that might be incompatible with these principles. Express or implied approval of dubious actions will not be tolerated.

For the full version of our code of conduct please contact info@standbygroup.com