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Service Excellence has become a signature for Standby Group. We aim to act efficiently and professionally at all times, to keep your vehicles rolling.

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Best in class service is our signature!

Together with our trained service partners, we take care of your ongoing maintenance and repair needs to make your daily life easier.

To avoid unnecessary down-time of your vehicles, we also offer troubleshooting in all different types of vehicles. Our skilled service technicians are product experts and are available to support at short notice.

We design, develop, and manufacture our products to last, and can offer refurbishment options*, this often gives a better total cost of ownership over the products life with an added bonus for the environment.

Long term commitment is an important part of our business – whether you are looking for a software or hardware solution, consult with your local Standby team, so we can customise a business solution exactly for your needs.

Regardless of vehicle types, if ambulance, police, fire, or other special vehicles, we are here to help!

What we offer


To increase installation efficiency and product knowledge, we offer training classes, to learn about our products, handling and maintenance. Depending on your needs and knowledge, we customise the level of training and its content.

The training class will make you and your organisation more efficient and improve your understanding of correct installations, which will in turn increase the quality and functionality of your vehicles.

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Are you worried about the total cost of ownership of your warning equipment or you do not want to compromise on functionality because of budget constraints?

Speak to us about our leasing options.

Why settle for less!

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Regardless of your needs, we have a solution for you

As vehicles are becoming more connected, data and software driven, it can be nice to have one partner that ensures this aspect of your fleet works seamlessly. Regardless of the type of vehicle, from high-usage police vehicles, ambulances to fire trucks or other special vehicles, together we can tailor a solution that suits your needs best!


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