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Fleet & Driver Information, Monitoring & Management

This is FleetMotus, our Fleet & Driver Information, Monitoring & Management System powered by Standby UK. Standby UK is a market leader in specialised automotive products and telematics to the Emergency Services. In addition to our established range of lightbars, beacons, control systems and sirens we have a comprehensive range of data logging and incident recorders for complete journey data, incident and driver analysis.

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Live Vehicle Tracking

Optimise your fleet management and enhance monitoring of their movements by instantly visualising the real-time geographical location of your resources on a map. You can conveniently display the vehicle positions using your preferred mapping solution or export them for future reference.

Historic Vehicle/Driver Info

Monitor driver behavior and ensure compliance by replaying journey and activity details of vehicles and drivers. This includes verifying adherence to speed limits, appropriate use of emergency equipment, and visiting requested key locations.

And so much more

The FleetMotus system has many other features including; Utilisation, Driver ID, Driver Behaviour Management, Vehicle Management, Fuel Consumption, Complaints Investigation, Sat Nav Dispatch.

Available across all platforms

The FleetMotus is accessible on various platforms, including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and more. Whether you’re working at the office on your laptop, relaxing at home with your iMac, or on the move with your tablet, you can easily track your vehicles and manage your fleet from anywhere.

Simple, modern user interface

The UI is designed to be sleek and professional, striking a balance between modern aesthetics and advanced functionality. It incorporates a flat modern style while offering a comprehensive range of features and options to meet the needs of both casual and power users, whether they access it through a browser or a mobile device.

Solutions for all scenarios

Whether you own your vehicle or lease it, we offer both hardwired and portable units to assist you in analysing your vehicle data in any circumstance. Our portable units offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to easily transfer them between vehicles or use them in situations where a permanent installation is not feasible.

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Powered by Aeris

In order to provide you with the best FleetMotus experience, we’ve partnered with Aeris Communications, market leaders in M2M and IoT connectivity. With overlapping 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M, and 5G cellular coverage from 600 carriers in 190 countries, Aeris provides uninterrupted global cellular IoT connectivity, purpose-built for fleet management.